milefive club

Are you interesting in representing milefive clothing?

Why you ask?

If accepted into the milefive club, you'll have access to your 15% off discount code for a 3 month term. You'll also receive exclusive dye cuts with each order to assist in representing milefive clothing. 

The requirements of a 3 month term in the milefive club are:

- You must send us a minimum of 8 different post-able photos per month featuring milefive clothing content.

- You must post 1 photo per week to your Instagram account, featuring milefive clothing content, with proper tags and credit to milefive clothing.  

- You must put a link to our page in your bio, as well as our hashtag: @milefiveclothing #milefiveclub

If accepted, you'll work exclusively with the milefive marketing team, to establish what they are looking for in order to create post-able content. You'll correspond with the team throughout the 3 month term, and they will provide feedback to ensure your hard work will be posted on our Instagram.  

If we post your photos, you will receive full photo credit. 

If you are interested in applying, please provide the following to

- first and last name

- gender

- brithdate

- instagram account

- instagram followers

- address

Thank you for your interest!